Any homeowner wants to enjoy the luxury of a garage at home. This facility helps to offer shelter to your car, protect it from the elements of weather and theft. The garage is also an excellent place to store some of the equipment you use at home, such as your lawn equipment. A garage adds value to your property as well as to your life. When your garage door malfunctions, it’s vital to engage a reputable company that repairs Garage doors in Perth to handle the task. Let’s see how you can pick the best garage door repair company.

garage door repair


A reputable garage door repair company in Perth should have been in the business for a considerable number of years. Since a garage door is a sizable investment, it’s essential to choose a trusted company that has experienced experts to work on your door. Don’t hesitate to ask how long the company has been in existence. Additionally, they should also have experience in repairing the type of your garage door. For example, if you have installed an automatic garage door, select a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in installing and repairing automatic garage door in Perth.

BBB Ratings

Although businesses and other service providers get certifications and ratings from various bodies, the gold standard is rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Visit the BBB website and search for the company’s name. The rating scale by BBB is from F to A+, with F being the worst while A+ is the best.


The rating is via complaints and reviews from the companies clients. If the garage door repair company has a poor grade or it is not accredited, then you have a reason to worry. They may not provide quality services.

Get Several Quotes

When choosing a company to repair your garage door, it’s crucial to get several quotes from different companies. This will help you to compare their pricing before you pick the best. Consider getting quotes from three to five garage door repair companies in your locality. When selecting the ideal company, you should look at several factors such as their experience, warranty; if they subcontract their work, their reputation, etc. after the right questions are answered, you’ll be able to get the ideal service provider.

Licenses & Insurance

A trustworthy garage repair company should be licensed to operate in your locality; besides, they must have liability insurance. This is important to ensure your property is safe in case of any accidents. The door parts they use should also have some warranty to guarantee they are of high-quality. The company should also provide a guarantee for their work. A company that is licensed and insured means they are professional in their business, and you are likely to get quality services.

When scouting for an ideal garage door repair company in Perth to repair your garage door, please get to know about their years of experience, licenses, certification, BBB rating, and insurance.