Across the country, a lot of households suffer from pest infestations. It does not matter whether you are living in a warm climate or where homes have dangerous spiders or scorpions or where you experience raccoons and rats. There is a need to eliminate such pesky creatures. The use of harsh chemicals can cause a lot of damage to the environment and very dangerous to the family. Do you know that there are some natural ways that you can use to deter insects and rodents? These are some of the non-chemical pest control methods that work.


If your home has rodents such as rats, squirrels, and mice, you should consider using traps as they are quite effective. For instance, if you do not want to kill the rodents, you can use humane traps that capture the rodent alive and release it outdoors.


For ants, you should use dry peppermint and red chili powder. In fact, they are the ideal non-chemical solutions in this case. You can crush these two solutions and spread them to areas where ants gain entry. In this way, you can ward off these insects.


You can keep roaches away by sprinkling crushed garlic or bay leaves. The good thing about using garlic is that it can repel a lot of other insects.


Maybe your home is full of flies. In such a case, you will want to have your doors and windows have screens. Also, they should not be open or damaged. Also, you can use crushed citrus peel that may be dispersed throughout the kitchen to ward off flies.


Just like flies, the perfect way of preventing and controlling mosquitoes is to keep out by using screens. Remember that mosquitoes like a still air. Therefore, a breeze from open windows or fans will prevent mosquitoes from landing on you. Also, you should remove any standing water from around your house or inside your home.


Although spiders are harmless and they feed on a wide range of annoying insects, a lot of people cannot stand them around. The right way to keep them out of the home is to spray citrus oil in the spider-prone areas.

The truth is that the best way of controlling pests is to prevent them from gaining access to your home. In this case, you can use environment-friendly pesticides. Also, store food in sealed containers and remove trash from your home.