A window that leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home. Therefore, once you have noticed that something is wrong with your windows, you need to check if it still can be fixed or if it would be better to have it replaced.

What to look for in a leaking window

Fogginess in a window between the panes

Fogginess in a window usually starts in a small area often near a corner but can happen anywhere between the two window panes. A small amount of fogginess seems harmless but if left unfixed, will only get worse. The fogginess, of course, is a sign that there is a leak between the two window panes. This can be fixed by a professional window installer by pulling out the pane and replacing the seal around the window.


When replacing the seal around the window, it is also a good time to check the other windows in your home. This will be a perfect time for your window installer to see if other windows in the home are leaking and let you know how energy efficient the windows that you have are.

A complete replacement of all the windows in your home may allow you to receive a discount as a packaged deal which will likely be cheaper than replacing one window at a time.

Moisture around the window seal or on the window seal (pooling water)

Pooling water and condensation around a window seal may mean a leaking window. But it may also mean that there is a lot of moisture inside the house which will become evident when it is colder outside, allowing the moisture to collect and then pool on the windowpane inside your home then dripping down and causing problems.

water on window

It is important to note that this occurs more often on single pane windows. When this happens, a simple solution is just to crack the windows slightly open in your home. This will allow drier air from outside to come in and the moist air inside to go outside, effectively keeping the condensation from building on your window sill, dripping down, puddling, and causing issues.

To learn more about the other problems that you may have with leaking windows in your home including mold, you can check with a professional window installer in the Phoenix area; contact them here and make sure you capture a leaking window situation before it gets worse.