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The 4 signs of a leaking window and when to get a replacement

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A window that leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home. Therefore, once you have noticed that something is wrong with your windows, you need to check if it still can be fixed or if it would be better to have it replaced.

What to look for in a leaking window

Fogginess in a window between the panes

Fogginess in a window usually starts in a small area often near a corner but can happen anywhere between the two window panes. A small amount of fogginess seems harmless but if left unfixed, will only get worse. The fogginess, of course, is a sign that there is a leak between the two window panes. This can be fixed by a professional window installer by pulling out the pane and replacing the seal around the window.


When replacing the seal around the window, it is also a good time to check the other windows in your home. This will be a perfect time for your window installer to see if other windows in the home are leaking and let you know how energy efficient the windows that you have are.

A complete replacement of all the windows in your home may allow you to receive a discount as a packaged deal which will likely be cheaper than replacing one window at a time.

Moisture around the window seal or on the window seal (pooling water)

Pooling water and condensation around a window seal may mean a leaking window. But it may also mean that there is a lot of moisture inside the house which will become evident when it is colder outside, allowing the moisture to collect and then pool on the windowpane inside your home then dripping down and causing problems.

water on window

It is important to note that this occurs more often on single pane windows. When this happens, a simple solution is just to crack the windows slightly open in your home. This will allow drier air from outside to come in and the moist air inside to go outside, effectively keeping the condensation from building on your window sill, dripping down, puddling, and causing issues.

To learn more about the other problems that you may have with leaking windows in your home including mold, you can check with a professional window installer in the Phoenix area; contact them here and make sure you capture a leaking window situation before it gets worse.


Advantages of double glazed windows

glass window

Double glazed windows are becoming a popular option today. The idea behind double glazed is two pieces of glass with inert glass between the spaces. Sealing the pieces of glass with the inert glass creates an airtight space, and this forms a stronger glass compared to a single glazed glass window. Double glazed windows offer benefits that you can never get from any other type of windows. With double glazing, you get additional security and also energy efficiency in your home. All you need to do is to look for a good double glazing window company.

Benefits of double glazed windows

Help you save on energy

To save energy, you need to install double glazed windows in your home. You need to remember that double glazed windows have inert gas between them and this creates an insulation. The insulation offered by double glazed windows prevents heat from escaping from the outside. Once you heat your house and becomes warm, you don’t have to keep reheating your house over and over. The heat is sealed inside the house because the double glazed windows do not allow any heat to escape.

double glazed windows

Sound insulation

One thing that you must love the double glazed windows is the sound insulation features that it offers. The insulation by the gas between the window sheets prevents sound from outside into the house and vice versa. For people who live in busy and noisy cities, double glazed windows will provide sound insulation and protect you from unnecessary noise.


If you want to improve your home security, double glazed windows will do the trick. Double glazed windows are very thick, and they are very difficult to break. Installing double glazed windows will act as an additional security feature. It becomes difficult for burglars to break the windows and gain access to your home.

Protect the interior of your house

Double glazed windows protect the interior of your house and keep your furniture and items in good condition. With the ordinary windows, your furniture is likely to be destroyed by extreme sunlight from outside. Double glazed windows limit the amount of sunlight that enters the house, and this keeps your items in good condition at all times.

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New and modern look

To transform your house into a new and modern look, you need to install double glazed windows. The windows will make your house look modern even if it has the traditional and old design. These windows will have always a modern touch to any house design.