Many homeowners in Singapore choose floor tiles because of their cheap price and excellent quality. Although floor tiles aren’t your typical Asian style home flooring choice, most Singaporean homeowners took a liking to the clean and austere appearance of floor tiles. Most of the homogeneous tiles singapore-based designs are inspired by tile designers from Europe, and it’s not just about the way they look or their price. There are more than meets the eye when talking about floor tiles! Take a gander at our list below and find out why they choose floor tiles for their homes:

They Are Easy to Manage

Floor tiles are famous for their effortlessness to manage. You will find complaints about wooden floors or carpets from homeowners who chose to install them in their bathroom and kitchen areas. They get ruined by almost everything! From water spillage, sodas to dust and dirt, but that’s completely different from floor tile owners. 

Most floor tile owners are satisfied with their choice because they don’t require a whole lot of effort in managing them. Moreover, they are perfect for areas with water like the bathroom, kitchen, or even swimming pool, and they are effortless to clean! Thus, making floor tiles the superior choice for many homeowners in Singapore.

They Are Durable

Floor Tiles

Another thing that floor tiles are famous for is their durability. They are extremely durable and long-lasting, that they will still be there even when the homeowner has changed to a new owner. Compared to other flooring choices like wood, carpet, or laminated, floor tiles came out on top because they do not age over time. It is believed that floor tiles can last up to 100+ years, given the minimum effort to take care of them like the usual scrubbing and cleaning. 

In such rare cases where the floor tile breaks, you can replace them with another identical print that won’t bleed out your wallet, unlike in the event of wood or carpet flooring are ruined. This is why floor tiles are an excellent and durable choice for your home.

They Have Many Unique Designs

Floor Tile Cleaning

Floor tiles have come a long way from being a single-colored four-by-four square tile to resplendent and alternating patterned tile. European style floor tiles offer many unique designs that, in terms of Asian style tiles, might find too avant-garde or daring. You will find that floor tiles come in many shapes, colors, designs, and sizes and they have a limitless combination that makes choosing fun! Many homeowners found their love of floor tiles due to their countless patterns and unique designs. 

You can choose from a variety of different designs and patterns to beautify your home. There are thousands and thousands of combinations to try out that will surely spark your interest in floor tiles!